Business Code of Conduct

EXIM 宝博电竞 s is full of ambition. We strive for growth by doing more for our existing customers, by expanding our customer base, by takeovers and by working together more intelligently.

Customers choose EXIM 宝博电竞 s because:

  • We offer our customers total logistics solutions.
  • We pay personal attention to our customers and employees; we treat each other and our customers with honesty and respect.
  • We have a long-term vision, and we are prepared to invest in logistic solutions together with our customers.

We call these our values, and these values mean our customers see EXIM 宝博电竞 s as a professional and reliable partner. Because our success is so closely bound up with our reputation, each of us has a duty to protect this reputation. That is why we have drawn up this code of conduct. It contains our values and regulations, which form the guidelines for our interactions with colleagues, customers, suppliers and society as a whole. Put briefly, the code of conduct sets out who we are and how we work. We ask you to carefully read through this document, and to comply with it.